About Us

Our history

Every day, tens of thousands of professionals in the mobility sector are engaged in facilitating transportation, maintenance and repairs. Mivar came into being following a simple observation: the needs of the consumer change and thus the industry also changes.

Companies will have to become more transparent towards their clients, work more efficiently, and knowledge is more important than ever.

Customer experience is also becoming ever more important. You need information to manage your business, applications to support your processes, and knowledge to further assist you. It is not really difficult – at least, it shouldn’t have to be. This vision assisted in Mivar’s realization in the late nineties: the first and only company that combines information, knowledge and applications into a logical unit.

Whether you are a car dealership, a parts distributor, a leasing company, franchise organization or an educational institution; our products fit into your approach. Manage your company with our software, train your employees in our workshops and various other courses, call our service desk with all your questions or use our comprehensive technical information for all your maintenance and repair activities. Our products are flexible and can be integrated into your business process. We are also constantly working on expanding and optimizing our products and services. Apart from your valuable input, we also speak to many companies throughout Europe and even further afield and apply this input to make our products user friendly and more innovative. Behind the scenes, we are working hard to make the integration of our products in your company as simple as possible. Mivar consists of almost 40 thinkers and doers. Our entire team is passionate about developing products that really help you move forward.


“Think different”

In Europe, MivarGroup makes the processes regarding to vehicle maintenance more effective  and efficient through intelligent software systems and services.


“Be in control”

Effectiveness and efficiency are the watchwords. With an ever changing market, declining margins, and the need for transparency in processes, it is increasingly important for the mobility industry to keep up-to-date (management) information.


“Let’s grow together”

As a system integrator and service management organization – based on sharing knowledge, expertise and skill – MivarGroup delivers various systems and services that enable its customers to achieve their goals not only with ease, but also as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Core Values

“Do what you say and say what you do” based on mutual respect and trust.

More than 9.000 companies already use our products and services. They help their clients daily. And we help them. This is the reason for our existence!