Bosch Car Service & MivarGroup work together in both the individual and leasing market

By 12 February, 2014 No Comments

On the 1st of January 2014, Bosch Car Service & MivarGroup entered into a far-reaching collaboration with the MiCheck product. With the MiCheck system Bosch Car Service operators are able to generate uniform multi-brand service quotes for both the private sector and leasing companies, based on original OE factory data and specifications.

Eric Rietveld, Sales Manager Workshop Concepts, Benelux: “We were looking for a system that allows our operators to generate multi-brand maintenance quotes from a single unified platform from original factory data for both private and leased vehicles. In the past, people often worked from knowledge and experience, and with different information systems, to arrive at a quotation. That has now become history. By using MiCheck, our dealers have made giant strides in efficiency and we at Bosch Car Service have again raised the bar in striving for professionalism.”

Chris Kimman, director of MivarGroup: “We are delighted to be working with Bosch Car Service. We see this partnership as a long-term collaboration. With these kinds of critical processes and steps you need to be able and willing to work well together. The system must be part of the daily working process of Bosch Car Service operators. This requires particular attention and the strength to be able to fine-tune to individual needs in the field. For us it is once again confirmation that there is tremendous need in the market for this system.”

MiCheck is a multi-brand quotation, communication and authorization system and works on the basis of the official factory data of the vehicle. MiCheck uses all repair, maintenance and tire information from the moment a vehicle hits the road until it is taken off the road. Because MiCheck uses the original maintenance schedules, parts information, prices, and the work hours are also automatically duplicated, one is able to generate uniform and effective quotes at all levels. With this system one can also simply submit requests to leasing companies who do not use ROB-Net. Because the system can also be linked to ROB-codes, one can also create quotations for ROB-Net affiliated leasing companies.