Creating invoices

Your familiar accounting. But better.

It is easy to create an invoice in Driver. In many cases you do not have to do much more than convert a work order or warehouse receipt to an invoice. Driver does the rest of the work after printing. A work order can generate up to 4 invoices in one action. This saves a lot of time!

 Entering bookings

Fast and correct

Purchase bookings can be entered quickly and correctly. Templates are stored within Driver per supplier which allows the next booking to be carried out quickly.

The sales bookings are booked automatically. You do not have to do anything about this.

The financial bookings can be read easily from the digital bank statement. You only have to perform the corrections for the bookings which could not be linked directly.

Memorial bookings are used for monthly bookings such as wages or journal adjustment entries.

 Fixed journal entries


To simplify the monthly and annual journal entries you can make a fixed booking from an existing booking. This allows you to book the following bookings quickly and correctly. Only the amounts have to be checked or corrected.

 Period balance

Perfect insight in your financial situation

With the period balance you can quickly get an overview of the current financial situation. It is possible to place filters on ledger accounts and to skip to the details of the ledger accounts with the click of a mouse.

 Maturity balance

Maturity balance

The maturity balance provides a summary of the outstanding items of customers or suppliers, compared to the age of the maturity date.  This list can also be used as a property list.


Easy banking

Driver offers the opportunity to generate payment orders and direct debits which can be read by bank packages. When creating a file the outstanding posts are marked as paid and transferred to an interim account. This prevents your payments from being paid twice.

Driver also offers the possibility to enter copies, saving you a lot of time when entering the copy in accounting. This function is available for ING, ABN-Amro, and Rabobank.

 VAT return

Filing Your Taxes

Within Driver the VAT return is shown with a single click of the mouse. Hereby the margin scheme for second hand goods is of course also taken into account, as well as the tax settlement of the BPM with purchase and sales of taxed vehicles.

 Margin scheme/globalization

Fiscal handling

The margin scheme is fully incorporated in Driver. This gives you direct insight into the tax settlement per month. Driver supports the popular globalization method, and obviously also the individual method.

 Fuel invoicing

Fuel invoicing

Driver has an option to register fuel receipts and bill them periodically. There are also several options to enter fuel mutations from external systems to be able to bill these. Moreover there are links available to enter fuel mutations from external systems if the invoicing is created in an external system, but has to be recorded in the financial administration.

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