Contact management

 Customer summary

Never search for contact details again

The detailed contacts screen offers you a summary of your customers at a glance. Contacts could be customers and suppliers. This combination makes updating two lists a definite thing of the past.


Finding that one invoice. From 3 years ago.

Every document in Driver is stored with the corresponding customer or supplier This means you always have your customer and vehicle history close at hand. Settings for price policy, remarks for the next service, deliveries, parts, you will never have to search for long again.

List generator 

Prevents an empty workshop

Through the enormous amount of data that you collect within Driver you can compile extensive lists for marketing activities. This allows you to, for example, sort on postal code, birthday, method of payment, date of last invoice, etc… Driver offers you endless options to get your customer to your workshop.

 Documents link

Everything digitized

The perfect replacement for the paper document. You can store and recall your licenses, payments slips, receipts, photos, etc. quickly, when you need it.


No more slip-ups

You can manage and search the backorders very simply, per client. Never need a separate list again, never have an incorrect delivery to your client.

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