Time tracking

 Time tracking

We really cannot make it any easier

You maintain an overview and can easily keep control of the deployment and productivity of your employees. The mechanic selects a work order on the touch screen and gets to work. After the project is completed the mechanic clocks out again. The time worked can be taken over on the work order and the invoice. It is also possible to work on the work order with multiple people. The time is then automatically updated.

 Quick service

Starting quickly. Always.

A work order does not necessarily have to be created to be able to work on a vehicle. It often happens that a client comes in to replace a globe. The mechanic can register the time and an invoice can still be created afterwards.


View your efficiency – exactly as you want it

You will get an excellent view of his / her productivity per user. You can compare employees and periods with each other. With registration of hours you have the figures to enable you to adjust in time.

 Attendance registration

Overview at a glance

You can see at a glance who is present and who, for example, is on break. Not only of your mechanics, but also the receptionist or other employees.

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