Vehicle Management

 Vehicle overview

Never search for vehicle details again

The vehicle card shows all possible details that you might want to know about the relevant vehicle. You can record the vehicle details, driver, owner, photos, recalls, MOT details and contracts here.


All the information at hand

Within Driver you can structure a complete vehicle history – even if the vehicle changes ownership. In this history you can search for example, for quotations, work orders and invoices.

 Linking documents

Replace your file cabinet

The perfect replacement for the paper document. You can store and quickly recall scans of registration papers, photographs of damages, purchase orders, etc.

 Internet export

Simple management of occasion sites

The advanced internet export makes it simple to export your stock vehicles to various used car sites with just a few actions.

 List generator

Prevents an empty workshop

With the enormous amount of data that you collect within Driver you can compile extensive lists for marketing activities. This way you can for example sort on postal code, brand, model, date of last invoice, etc. Driver offers you endless options to get your client to the workshop.

 Transaction set

See exactly how much profit you made

You can see exactly how much you have earned on which vehicle for the entire transaction. If it involves a trade and you need extra activities and / or have to assemble extra parts, the return of the entire set is very insightful. Very handy to know what you actually earned.

 Cost price calculation

Quick overview

The cost price calculator gives you a simple and quick understanding of the purchasing costs, the sales costs and the margins of your vehicles.

Tax calculator

Quickly determine the correct tax

Want to export a vehicle yourself? This is simpler than ever with the built-in tax calculation. We always keep the table up to date with the most recent depreciation table of the tax services.

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