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Replave your Excel sheets

One can keep an extensive warehouse within Driver. You can inspect the location, purchase price, sales price, multiple suppliers and even the complete stock history.

 Orders and backorders

Easy order process

Parts can be managed from Driver. This means that parts can be ordered based on amount of use or based on Minimum-Maximum stock. The digital packing slips of various suppliers can be read, whereby the parts can be easily entered. Parts that are not delivered could automatically be added to backorders which gives a better view of the outstanding orders.

Requests from customers that cannot be delivered right away, can be included in a customer backorder system. This also gives a direct view of requests that still have to be delivered or assembled upon receipt.

 Importing price lists

Always the correct price

There is an import module available through which many prevailing price files can be entered. When files do not conform to a standard there is the option to create an import yourself. This way the complete stock is permanently supplied with the latest prices.

 Stocktaking and counting lists

Control, with ease.

To trace differences in the stock stocktaking options are present whereby a part of the stock can be checked periodically, or the entire stock annually. This allows you to achieve a correct stock status based on numbers and stock value. For minor checks and breakage there is the option to make minor corrections to the stock, stating the cause.

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