Creating work orders

Supercharge your workshop

The advanced and extensive work orders, offer you all options that you are looking for when setting up a work order. You can quickly select a customer, note extra details for the mechanic, consult the worked hours & add tasks and parts. Driver makes it simple.

 Linking the parts catalogue

No more manual retyping

Linking a large number of parts catalogues allows you to easily order the parts and then copy all details on the work order. You never have to retype parts again or manually draft a work order.

 Tyre changes and storage

Advise your clients on time

The work order allows you to quickly see the type of tyres that the vehicle is currently fitted with. After changing the tyres you can immediately enter the location and profile depth. If the profile depth is too low Driver will inform you of this. This enables you to provide your customer with good advice. Selections can be made on these data selections whereby can assess how many tyres have to be replaced before the tyre change.

DVSA services

Advanced links

Through the advanced interface with various DVSA services you can consult the vehicles and implement the MOT report. The received details of these services can be accessed with the vehicle card. The repairs or rejection points of the last MOT are also visible.

Job codes

Templates for all common operations

You will often have to use the same actions on a work order or invoice. Job codes are in fact a template that you create yourself, which makes it unnecessary to keep repeating the same action. You can, for example, create a job code for small parts, a delivery turn, car wash, etc.

 Client satisfaction

Ensure proper assessment

You know how important a good review is for your company. Customers after all are influenced more than 75% by the opinions of other consumers. You work hard for high customer satisfaction. Of course you want customers to share this satisfaction with others. We have made this simple within Driver. Through the connection with various review sites we encourage our clients to share their opinions publicly.

 Price agreement

Never calculate the wrong price

Your customers often want to know beforehand what they will have to pay. So you agree on a price beforehand. You can quickly register this within Driver so that the work order never deviates from the agreed price. Any possible difference is automatically processed in accounting. You will not have to do anything further for this.


Simple vehicle data supplement

Through the link you can setup your subscription with VWE, RDC and A2SP to supplement the vehicles with the technical vehicle information within Driver. You no longer have to supplement information manually. Your vehicles are always correctly filled out.

 Linking technical information MiTiss

Selecting maintenance and repair

MiTiss offers you technical information on all acceptable makes and models of cars and light company vehicles. Within MiTiss you can select a service or repairs with a few simple actions. You can then export all details to the work order. MiTiss is based on the TecRMI data of TecAlliance, the European market leader of OEM based technical information.

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