We have all the knowledge and experience to enable us to take care of your IT infrastructure.

In line with the company’s vision, we don’t do anything that others can do better. Therefore, we have strategic partners who have proven their added value, quality and level of service. We build bridges. We do this by ensuring that you have the right systems that are stable and secure, so that you can focus on your core business.

Our professionals can advise you about the hardware and software to suit your business.

Managed IT Support

We are different

With Managed IT Support, we offer you everything you need to keep your IT safe and secure. Why we are different? We monitor your system so closely that minor faults do not get a chance to grow into major computer problemswith high repair costs. We act to keep your IT running at much lower cost.

Daily reports

We supply you with daily reports on the status and condition of your IT. And if a IT disaster does happen, our staff can quickly help you, without having to be on premise.

What to expect from IT Support


Your systems are monitored 24/7 by our monitoring system.

Daily inventory

Ability to create a daily inventory of your hardware, software and licenses.

Assistance with backup

We can assist you in restoring your backup.

Virus protection

We assess whether your antivirus and antispyware software works and whether updates are performed.


We can perform maintenance on your hardware and software in order to keep your system in top condition.


You receive periodic reports about the status of your network. We keep you up-to-date.

Ad-hoc work

We can also carry out ad hoc work at a discounted rate.

License Management

We take stock of the licenses used by you, alert you when they expire and advise you about license types.

Remote Support

If needed, our experts can support you over the phone or by the internet, with your questions or problems – with a guaranteed response.

Always a subscription that suits you



Per server per month
  • Service Desk Access
  • System and harddisk monitoring
  • Anti-virus / malware check
  • Backup check
  • Daily status reports by e-mail
  • Access to monitoring dashboard
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Per server per month
  • All the benefits of Secure
  • Inventory of hardware and software
  • Management reports
  • Windows update management
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Disk cleanups
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No Worries


Per server per month
  • Per server per month
  • All the benefits of Maintained
  • Access to license management
  • Access to hardware and software change management
  • Guaranteed response time for assistance in replacing backups
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