MiCheck originated from the basic idea that it should be easy to maintain vehicles professionally without the need for messy paper trails and lengthy processes in order to handle requests and authorization.

MiCheck-FLEET offers the opportunity to efficiently and effectively manage all requested maintenance and repairs. Requests are validated in accordance with the original factory data. Where needed, requests falling within previously agreed margins can be automatically approved. After approval, the automotive company can commence maintenance/repairs immediately. This allows for the optimization of turnaround time for ROB requests and ultimately results in a satisfied driver.

MiCheck-FLEET is therefore the ultimate ROB communication and authorization platform for leasing companies, fleet owners and car hire companies.

MiCheck is based on the TecCONTROL functionalities of TecRMI.

Why MiCheck-FLEET

By using this central online communication and authorization platform, the work and costs relating to maintenance and repairs become more transparent and manageable. With integrated multi-brands and original prescribed factory-based data, as well as ease of use and many years of knowledge and experience, MiCheck delivers significant efficiency gains to all parties.

MiCheck-FLEET is the binding element between the automotive dealership and leasing companies, fleet owners and car hire companies.

In conjunction with the fleet, contract data, and own parameters regarding the fleet, every maintenance and repair quotation can be quickly approved.

Based on the quotations, with MiCheck-FLEET a very detailed analysis can be performed on the fleet. Detailed insight can be obtained for each vehicle, for example: differentiated costs, labor value, assembled parts, OE parts and OE prices etc.

SLA agreements

You can easily create your own agreements.

No paper trail

Electronic invoicing puts an end to messy paper trails.

MRT quotations

Flat rates for times, intelligent detection of re-duplication of overlapping times, and detailed job codes, provide more insight and detailed information regarding MRT quotations.


Automatic display of required components, including the prices for work to be carried out.

Plausibility check

Automated plausibility checks based on factory maintenance intervals and references.


Access to technical information for better understanding of work to be performed.

User Friendly

Accessible online and up-to-date.


Real-time management information.

Additional modules

Expandable with tyre and vehicle replacement modules.

 SLA management

Capture conditions

Easily manage your SLA agreements. You can enter an hourly rate per specific job types (mechanical, body or electronics) and for various other items such as engine oil, brake fluid and air conditioning system refrigerants etc, you can set a predetermined price.

You can also set prices for items such as MOT, pick up & deliver, alignment, balancing, carbon measurements etc.

Faster checks

All requests in one place

Checking maintenance requests has never been so quick or so easy. MiCheck shows what work needs to be carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This means you can quickly and easily check requests for accuracy. Where needed, the assessment may even be done wholly or partly automatically by the system.

Linking with your back-office system

Import your data

Avoid duplication and increase the strength of MiCheck. The link with your back-office system (eg. LeaseWise) ensures that your contract information and maintenance history are always up to date, without you having to worry about it. All your vehicle information, SLA agreements etc, are easy to read.


Keeping track

See at a glance which requests still need to be assessed, and the status of already processed requests. This allows you to quickly make the right decisions. Let MiCheck work for you so that you can refocus on issues that matter!

Message Functionality

All communications in one place

With the integrated message functionality you can communicate effortlessly with the car company that made the request. You can see any comments from the car company and, if necessary, respond to questions raised in the request.

Overlap Calculation and price adjustments

No overlap

Because different automotive brands reserve time for preparing the work (maintenance and repair) duplications can occur when operations are combined. For example, this can happen when the brakes are replaced at the same time as the maintenance.

This will be unduplicated in MiCheck so that only the actual required time will be calculated. This makes it possible for the car company to plan more efficiently and also ensures that no accidental double-billing occurs.


Orderly request

See at a glance how the request is built. This can be done through ROB overview, which shows the total labor and parts totals per job. The same overview will be imported into your back office system.