PCA & VETOS to partner with MivarGroup

By 3 September, 2014 No Comments

PCA, the Peugeot & Citroen specialists association, and VETOS, the Toyota specialists association, together with their members, are joining MiCheck, the multi-brand quotation, repair and maintenance tool from MivarGroup.

Jur Ooijman, Director of ABC Automotive Business Consultancy, Vorden: “We looked very closely at which system would best suit the needs of members of both organizations in order to incorporate both multi-brand servicing and repair work into a single system, which would ultimately play a broader role in leasing and fleet markets in the future. The MiCheck system has everything that the members need. Because of an already longstanding relationship with MivarGroup, we also know that the system will be developed on an ongoing basis by Mivar. This is important to members because we want to ensure that we forge a long-term relationship in the industry. On that basis, the PCA and VETOS associations took our advice to use this system.”

RubĂ©n Arcos Schuurs, Sales Director MivarGroup: “We are very pleased with this collaboration. Especially since all the technical vehicle information previously extracted by PCA and VETOS members from us in another system, have now been integrated into MiCheck. With this we combine the most important information for universal maintenance and repair in one system. This increases the efficiency, effectiveness and quality tremendously. For example, one sets up a maintenance schedule in MiCheck according to the original factory data of the vehicle from TecRMI and can then see at a glance whether a significant repair and/or recall applies to the vehicle. This is vital information for delivering maintenance and/or repairs at the highest level.”

MiCheck is a multi-brand quotation, communication and authorization platform. MiCheck works based on official and original factory vehicle data from TecRMI, which is part of TecAlliance. MiCheck actually includes all repair and maintenance information from the moment a vehicle hits the road until it is taken off the road. Because MiCheck uses the original maintenance schedules, parts information, prices, and the work hours are also automatically corrected, one is able to generate uniform and effective quotes at all levels. With this system one can also easily submit requests to leasing companies who do not use ROB-Net. Because the system can also be linked to ROB-codes, one can also create quotations for ROB-Net affiliated leasing companies.