From his early years it was already clear to Peter Maan: cars, cars and more cars, that’s all that mattered. He soon chose automotive technology, because that’s where his heart lay.

The sun shines at Automaan

From his 18th to his 24th year, Peter worked as a mechanic for several respectable brands, the longest being for a Mercedes Benz dealership. However, he quickly came to the conclusion that the car company where he worked lost out on many opportunities. He saw that with a sincere interest you could get much more from every customer, every job and every repair. There was also a shift in his thinking after some years working in reception and sales. But his aspirations went even further: owning his business. After looking around, an excellent opportunity presented itself in Pijnacker in 2005: The building of the local Volkswagen dealer became available and Peter took the big step. The Volkswagen dealer took his clients and Peter was started from scratch.

He started with one mechanic, and with personal attention, his workshop grew steadily. Here he could avoid all the errors of his previous employers.


The workshop was by far the big money-spinner and sales actually took second place. But the ‘cheap’ approach was not an easy revenue generator. In short, it was a lot of work for little profit. For this reason he decided in 2010 to specialize in BMW and Mini. Now customers came from across the country for his special BMWs and Minis. This specialization also contributed to a better and more professional image; more confidence and more customers. And through this professional image he drew other BMW and Mini owners from his own area who saw him as an attractive alternative.

Despite the recession, the business grew steadily and the company now has six employees. After taking the professionalization route, he came to the conclusion that his garage software was adequate, but did not have enough depth and retained a limited vehicle history. Through a presentation by his AD Wholesaler Auto Electra in Naaldwijk, he was introduced to Driver.

The professionalization process

Driver fits in well with our professionalization process. You can quickly and easily create a quote and then convert it into a clear work order. I find the links to the timesheet, planning and the MiTiss technical information quite ideal; also everything from Mivar.

“Another strength I find is that the times and numbering within the technical information always correspond. That feels good and is very professional. This is carried over to a clear invoice with specifications. My biggest stumbling block with the previous system has also been resolved. The complete and correct history data of both customer and vehicle builds confidence and helps the customer in deciding to award me the contract. This also fits in with my belief that if you take your customers seriously and you dare to show your gratitude you can also win over the cautious customers.”

“We love our customers and Driver helps us with that.”