The Moonen auto garage was founded in 1989 by Math Moonen, the father. He is an “old-school tradesman” who, with his unique open and caring approach, laid the foundation for a solid automobile repair shop. In 2007, son Danny joined the business and they currently employ a total of five people.

As simple as it sounds, the company’s success can be attributed to just two factors: firstly, the thorough workmanship that is reflected in the excellent workshop and, secondly, the great service that translates into personal attention regarding each customer.

With the arrival of Danny, the attention turned to modernizing the business and they invested in equipment and computers. Fault-finding is no longer a problem for them, they can almost read all faults in-house. Funnily enough, the Moonen Auto Garage actually has two helplines. Firstly, you regularly hear reverberate through the workshop: “Daaannnyyyy ……” And if Danny does not solve the problem fast enough, they’re happy to fall back on the MiMechanic helpline at Mivar.

“Due to the broad nature of our business,” says Danny, “it’s a good thing that we always have access to a reliable and fast helpline. I also see it as a kind of feedback and, most importantly, you can get through. The last thing I want is to spend hours searching for a fault, and we can’t pass those costs on to the customer.”

Over three quarters of automobile mechanics in the Netherlands indicate that they lack knowledge in their daily work. Often, the mechanic then falls back to another dealer or a time-consuming internet search.

MiMechanic came to the Moonen garage’s rescue. MiMechanic includes a hotline for vehicle related questions. Should the automobile mechanic encounter problems in making the correct diagnosis regarding problems in the field of electronics or repairs, then the service desk staff can offer solutions. By making use of the service desk, the time spent on diagnosing problems is greatly reduced, and this means that there are fewer unproductive hours in the workshop.

Danny continues: “An additional benefit is that we never have discussions about the hours worked on diagnosis anymore because we have limited this to a minimum by using MiMechanic. I can now use the time far more ‘productively’. I’m sure that you can already recoup the investment after three failure cases. We can’t live without it!”

Vader Math vult aan: “We kunnen nu eenmaal niet blijven werken op de manier zoals ik het vijfentwintig jaar geleden deed.”