In December 1975, Wout Bouman took over a garage and petrol station along the Maasdijk in Wijk en Aalburg. Together with his wife Annemarie he started an independent car business.

Through the British Leyland brand and some years later Nissan, the company returned to its roots in the 90s once more… as a specialist independent garage. A passion for technology and a heart for its customers is the basis for the success of this friendly Brabant company. In outlying districts you only need to mention the name “Wout Bouman” and you will be instantly directed to the family business along the Maasdijk. No advertising or campaign can beat that.

Better and more efficient

Through its passion for technology, the company is very adept at identifying failures. With the correct equipment and extensive range of specialized tools, no malfunction is too problematic. Because of this, a lot of peer companies come here with specialized jobs such as complex diagnoses, scanning of parts or the restyling of aluminum rims – you name it. Especially since they’re almost always “immediately” available. This is an added reason why other car companies come to them with brand specific problems. Frank Bouman is very active and inventive and constantly searching for new and better solutions.

Bouman Auto Garage has been working with a garage software package since the 90s, and they’ve been working with Driver since 2002. As with Windows, they soon found that they often really only use a very small part of the options. Too bad, but not uncommon.

Mivar does not stop at the supply and implementation of a package. Through periodic updates, training and extensions, Mivar ensures that car companies are always kept up-to-date. The Bouman car company recently purchased the time registration system from Mivar: a system that helps to use hours much more effectively. This provides direct measurable gains. The large touchscreen makes the system clear and extremely simple to operate.

Frank Bouman is widely known as a young, ambitious entrepreneur with a healthy critical approach who is always looking for ways to improve his business. He has now focused on introducing into his business the many extra features Driver has to offer. This will certainly contribute to higher efficiency in the various disciplines and therefore fits in perfectly with his professionalization process in the future.

“You can always do better and work more efficiently. And fortunately Driver offers these opportunities.”