In late 2012 Lumas was introduced to MivarGroup. That in itself was a special introduction. Lumas was and is one of the country’s most successful specialists in the truck and trailer industry. Not exactly the type of business that you would think had a problem.

But at that time there was indeed a problem. Despite enormous expertise and drive, Lumas’ director Hans Massar lacked access to the overall picture. Hans runs a highly successful workshop. Lumas is widely regarded as the “diagnosis doctor”. They own it like no other. Many car companies come to Lumas with their fault problems.

Most companies would have been happy with this result. But that’s not how Hans operates. Hans wanted more, much more. A typical statement from Hans: “You must have the right stuff for the job.” This is reflected in the presence of the most advanced diagnostic equipment for trucks, trailers, tailgate loaders – actually for everything that can be diagnosed.

“For the workshop we used a purely administrative package” says Hans: “A good package, but much too complicated for the workshop. I spent hours processing all the paper work, orders and invoices. When I returned from vacation, I found my office had been turned into a mountain of paperwork.” Hans knew that it had to change. The lack of an overall picture made Lumas rudderless when it came to important business decisions.

“With Driver I have everything I did not have before. We can now keep perfect track of all warehouse stock. In no time at all we can retrieve the vehicle history, and together with the timesheets, I know exactly what my mechanics have been working on and for how long. I use it every day. If I did not have Driver nothing would happen. A phone call for a job is directly converted into a work order. This prevents mistakes and works much faster. Currently we even enter the chassis data in Driver. If the customer then has a fault or defect on the road, we can establish in a minute the type of part that is needed and can get to work on it.”

In 2011 Lumas joined the Top Truck format for a professional look and a wider service package. Here we’re talking about uniforms, corporate identity, 24/7 service support (roadside assistance throughout Europe), Texa diagnostic equipment and technical help desk support for both diagnostic equipment as well as vehicle technology. Hans either does everything well, or not at all.

That Lumas is really a unique company can be seen by the loaders that Lumas recently delivered in Norway. These so-called asphalt loaders have a very special unloading system. “In order to unload asphalt in tunnels, we had to invent a new system. In a tunnel you just don’t have much space for a conventional tipper. We therefore had to develop a system where the asphalt is deposited from the trailer sideways onto a conveyor belt. So they can neatly deposit asphalt from even behind the guardrail. The result is even better than with a normal loader.”

Driver allows Hans to do what he does best: technical work. “Driver works for me, instead of me doing the work for Driver.” And Hans is quite proud of that.