TecRMI Delivers Information on Tyre Pressure Sensors

By 14 April, 2014 No Comments

Delivery problems, different market coverage of TPMS aftermarket sensors and their different construction all make it difficult to switch over to winter tyres with tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors. As of 1 November 2014 a TPMS is legally required for every new auto. These cars now need a second set of sensors for winter wheels. TecRMI, specialist for repair and maintenance information under the umbrella of TecAlliance GmbH, has been supporting workshops in the correct choice and installation of sensors with comprehensive technical repair instructions and information on tyre pressure sensors for active TPMS since April 2014.

In order to build in the right sensor users of the TecRMI portal now have access to information on installation and removal of tyre pressure sensors and tyre changes for more than 8,600 vehicles. “This covers almost all vehicles available in the European market as far as information on tyre-pressure monitoring systems,” summarises Ralf Pelkmann, Vice President Information Management of TecRMI.

Workshops have access to the newest technical data just in time for the upcoming change from summer to winter tyres. Already the predecessor database, the AuDaConAIS database, included information about activation of tyre-pressure monitoring systems for more than 4,000 vehicle types since the first quarter of 2010, because since November 2012 newly approved vehicle models in Europe have been required to include a tyre-pressure monitoring system.

“Particularly now during the main season for tyre changes it is important that workshops have available the right repair and maintenance instructions for tyre-pressure monitoring systems. Otherwise errors can occur in a hectic situation. During installation the greatest care must be exercised because defective sensors can easily cost up to 100 euros each,” explains Pelkmann.

While passive tyre-pressure monitoring systems manage without pressure sensors in the wheels and are mostly maintenance-free, changes of tyres and tyre pressure sensors for systems using pressure sensors require a particular precision. Basically both active and passive tyre-pressure monitoring systems must be reactivated after work on the wheel.