TecRMI achieves top marks for information coverage and degree of performance

By 16 October, 2014 No Comments

TecRMI, a specialist in on- and offline repair and maintenance information and part of the TecAlliance GmbH group, sets the standards in the workshop system sector. This is what a study by a consulting firm revealed, after checking the performance levels of six passenger car service providers.

The test vehicles selected for this study were based on the 16 highest-volume vehicles for 2013 in Germany as well as the three additional core markets of France, Italy and Spain (encompassing a total of twelve different manufacturers in four vehicle classes). The study focused on the 13 most frequently occurring repair and service tasks for each of the models.

As well as general questions concerning the identification and quality of the information, the user-friendliness of the systems, scope of information, hotline service, languages, modularity and customer appeal, as well as the integration and intelligence of the systems, which were answered with “Yes”, “No” or “Sometimes”, the study also examined the overall degree of performance in the passenger car sector, the information priorities, the results for each passenger car and the results of each model repair.

TecRMI performed with distinction, particularly in terms of the identification, quality and integration/intelligence of the repair data made available. Moreover, the figures also showed the repair data specialists within the TecAlliance GmbH group leading the way when it came to the degree of performance for model repairs conducted under the study. On average, the data of the service providers surveyed sufficed as the basis to perform around 52 percent of the repair and service operations undertaken. Here, the figure achieved by TecRMI was around 70 percent. For 11 of the 16 vehicles tested, TecRMI was found to have the best information coverage in relation to its competitors.

In short, TecRMI came top in three of the four areas assessed within the study (model repairs, overall system performance, degree of system performance per vehicle, degree of system performance per model repair (inc. parts) and degree of system performance per model repair (without parts). The basis for these results were the analytical categories of “General questions” and “Model repairs”. Accordingly, this study shows how TecRMI is seen as a benchmark.

“The results are impressive proof that the way we handle information and the content of the relevant maintenance and repair data are all designed with customers in mind”, underlines Ralf Pelkmann, Vice President of Information Management at TecRMI. “The study shows that we are making further progress towards our goal of becoming a comprehensive industry solution.”