Vakgarage adds a Helpline for technical support for diagnostic and technically complex issues

By 2 December, 2014 No Comments

Besides the new training program that the Vakgarage Foundation recently started with eXponentia and Innovam, Vakgarage has now also added the eXponentia Helpline. MivarGroup will act as the helpline for members of Vakgarage with its Vehicle Technical Support.

Christien den Uil, director and chairman of Vakgarage: “In this way, our members will be better supported in the field of diagnostics and complex technical issues. This will increase the quality and efficiency of the Vakgarage automotive companies even more. We are also very pleased with the collaboration between eXponentia and MivarGroup. Mivar already has many years of experience in remote diagnostics and has been a trusted partner with eXponentia in the Benelux for several years.”

Ronnie van Gellecom, Product Manager for MivarGroup: “VTS (Vehicle Technical Support) provides detailed technical information on specific issues, and supports and advises Vakgarage operators regarding complex electronic malfunctions. From locating components to measured data ​​to repair advice. VTS is actually an additional automotive technician for each workshop. We are confident that VTS can contribute to the efficiency in the workshop where the billable hours for these types of faults are high.”

The name of the product behind the Helpline is VTS (Vehicle Technical Support) and is carried out in the Benelux by MivarGroup as a partner of eXponentia. As the market leader in supporting the most common A-class diagnostic equipment and with over 14 years of accumulated database as well as an enormous source of OE technical information, MivarGroup has all the in-house knowledge, information and experience to optimally support the automotive technician with regard to both passenger cars and trucks.