WM Automaterialen and MivarGroup Collaboration

By 23 July, 2014 No Comments

WM-Automaterialen is the renowned German family business who deals in vehicle parts, accessories, tires and workshop equipment throughout Europe. For their Auto Pro Team franchise concept, WM-Automaterialen have chosen MivarGroup as their supplier of garage software (Driver) and as a supporting party in ICT and vehicle diagnostics for the Dutch market.

Harm Harmsen from WM-Automaterialen: “We chose MivarGroup because this is a company that can accommodate everything under one roof. Furthermore, their way of thinking and open culture of doing business is very much to our liking. We want to equip our garages as well as possible and the products from MivarGroup slot in very effectively there. This collaboration is an important step in strengthening our garage formula.”

Included in the collaboration:

Driver: a versatile useful garage software package that automates a wide range of business processes in a user friendly way.

ICT Support: ensures in a smart way that the business-critical network of the garage is available when needed.

Vehicle Technical Support: provides access to a professional Service Desk in the field of vehicle diagnostics. Today’s automotive technology has become so complex that a mechanic cannot possibly know everything about every vehicle. Furthermore, support is important as feedback and to keep the diagnostic time as short as possible. Because diagnostics should never cost money, it should yield money instead. In this way, a garage can work more efficiently and reduce unproductive hours.

Ronnie Gellecom from MivarGroup: “At MivarGroup we are extremely proud that a company such as WM-Automaterialen is working with us.”

The introduction of Auto Pro Team will take place at the Auto Professional & Damage Repair Trade Fair (Autoprofessioneel & Schadeherstel Vakbeursin) in Hardenberg on the 14th to 16th of October 2014.