BCC (Benelux Carparts Corporation) and MivarGroup work together in Belgium. BCC will integrate MiCheck, the multi-brand quotation tool from MivarGroup in its SmartCat online ordering platform.

According to Jeroen Vertongen, business manager of Sergoyne Car Parts, “BCC’s objective is to make significant inroads in the Benelux in the coming period. We aim to achieve this by attracting additional members and by further growing our affiliated garages. We are confident that we will be able to significantly expand our universal garages, and at BCC we see it as our fundamental goal to assist and support them. We aim to do this primarily through making available to them all the Tools, parts and know-how they require. One of the first steps in this direction for us is to work with MivarGroup. MivarGroup has developed a unique quotation tool called MiCheck. MiCheck enables our members to quickly and efficiently generate multi-marque requests in terms of maintenance and repairs for their customers. In addition, the system is equipped to tie in with the leasing and fleet market in the future. In the short term, MiCheck will be integrated into our BCC parts catalog (SmartCat). Growing together is the message from BCC. After all, if our customers are doing well, then we are also doing well!”

The Benelux Carparts Corporation was founded in 2005 with the aim of strengthening cooperation between its members. Through BCC, members work together to maximize their scope, service, marketing and competitive position. This collaboration has resulted in a joint market share of over 20%. Benelux Carparts Corporation currently has 16 branches in Belgium with more than 360 employees.

Rubén Arcos Schuurs, Sales Director of MivarGroup: “We are very pleased to partner with the Benelux Carparts Corporation with MiCheck. MiCheck offers a number of modules to the automotive companies: MiCheck-QUOTE and MiCheck-GARAGE. MiCheck-QUOTE enables the garage industry to generate multi brand vehicle quotes for customers based on the OE factory specifications (TecRMI) of the vehicle. This module will first be integrated in the parts catalog of BCC. The next step is to roll out MiCheck-GARAGE which has the functionality to generate business quotes for leasing and fleet markets. The objective of both modules is to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the automotive garage industry. By linking the modules in SmarCat, the process is optimally set up. Whereas it formerly took 15 to 20 minutes to put together a quote, you now have a complete quote in a few minutes and in accordance with OE factory requirements. That’s the first gain!”