The facts

During the lifetime of a vehicle, the expenses for repair, maintenance and tires are important parts of the total costs. These costs vary considerably between different brands and models. To avoid surprises, it is important to analyze the costs before purchasing a vehicle.

The solution

MiCosts offers you the possibility to calculate and to compare expected costs between different model ranges and automobile manufacturers by using comprehensive software. COO calculates costs for vehicles and also takes mileage into account. These detailed cost calculations avoid expensive surprises.

MiCosts is based on the TecCOO functionalities of TecRMI.

MiCosts features

Cost analyses

Cost analysis per vehicle is easily drawn up.

Cost calculations

MiCosts doesn’t only create cost analysis for new vehicles, but also for used vehicles.

Cost control

Well-organised cost-control for the car fleet. You’ll know in advance what you’re up against.


All current information, including detailed cost assessment, centrally available, 24/7 online.


MiCosts is applicable across Europe, taking into account matters that are specific to particular countries.


Reports are available as an add-on service.