Recently MivarGroup visited Wijlhuizen B.V. during the introduction of FleetMaster Pro. This is a collaboration between TopTruck Nederland and Wijlhuizen with, among other things, Driver garage software.

Fleetmaster Pro was created to relieve the burden of fleet owners with their own workshop. This is to ensure that people with their own workshop are well-prepared for the future.

A garage software package is crucial. It is, after all, the heart of the operation. Driver, the garage software package of MivarGroup, is implemented in FleetMaster Pro. Driver provides the fleet owner with a clearer view of what is going on in his workshop and the costs of his fleet. Which vehicle is the cheapest, how many hours is the vehicle in the workshop and what is the stock in the warehouse?

Driver has also established a link to the webshop of Wijlhuizen which allows you to order parts quickly. The barcode reader enables an efficient and faultless procedure to place parts on the work order. In addition, Driver has a universal scanning module which scans the mileage of the vehicle straight from the board computer or the Fleet Management System.

Furthermore, FleetMaster Pro provides technical data, technical support, well-trained mechanics and chauffeurs, diagnose-equipment, 24/7 breakdown service, purchase benefits and advice on quality.

“The idea behind the FleetMaster formula is keeping the fleet owner’s workshop up-to-date”, says Frits Wernsen, Formula Manager at TopTruck. “This way, the fleet owner can carry out the repairs on modern and more complex vehicles himself, and the repairs will not have to be transferred to a dealer.”