The brand eXponentia, purchased by Tekné Consulting in April 2016, has been reignited by three of its original providers, DAF Conseil, Tekné Consulting and MivarGroup, giving it new life and supporting its expansion. With more than 10 years of success in the field of training and technical assistance across European markets, the three companies are drawing on the expertise and experience of each to create mutual benefits. Sharing the same vision and common values of professionalism, reliability, rigor and research of innovation, the aim of eXponentia is to meet the needs of car maintenance and repair professionals, as well as drivers in Europe and internationally. This will be achieved by the establishment of an integrated platform of solutions and services, independent of each other and available to everyone.

eXponentia directors, Jacques de Leissègues, President of DAF Conseil, Patrick Lo Pinto, International Director of Tekné Consulting and Chris and Leon Kimman, Directors of MivarGroup, said of the initiative: “This relaunch seeks to provide continuity to the project that was started 12 years ago by large groups, giving new impetus to the eXponentia brand. We will do this by sharing our expertise and knowledge bases, by expanding our customer target, by providing more services and additional products, and by speeding up the project’s development internationally. eXponentia must become the new European and international benchmark for innovative solutions with high added-value in the field of automotive and mobility.” The three companies have been key players in their respective markets for many years, including the fields of automotive vocational training and technical assistance, and have developed numerous solutions across the automotive repair sector. DAF Conseil primarily operates in the French market; Tekné Consulting, headquartered in Italy, provides its services in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as Spain and Portugal; and MivarGroup operates in the BeNeLux. The three service providers employ more than 100 people and serve 30,000 customers across Europe.

Combined expertise and knowledge bases

The three service providers have started, since the resumption of the brand, the pooling process of skills from their fields of operation, including: training catalogues, technical assistance, web and mobile solutions, and more. The benefits for businesses are significant. For example, in the area of technical assistance for repairers, all intervention issues handled by each country’s service solutions will quickly be shared and translated into all languages. This will create a new basis of international knowledge unrivalled on the market, meeting all technical problems.

Target customer expansion

Previously targeted exclusively at independent multi-brand repairers, eXponentia is now available to all companies in the field of car maintenance and repair. That includes manufacturers, buying groups and networks, parts distributors, car manufacturers and importers, independent repair shops and body shops, manufacturers’ aftersales workshops, fleet managers and end-consumers.

Expanded service portfolio

From now on, the expertise pooling allows eXponentia to offer a comprehensive range of services and products, including:

  • Training: a catalogue for light vehicle and HCV training, constantly updated to cover all new and existing technologies on the market
  • Technical assistance: available in all countries and in 6 languages (French, Italian, English, German, Spanish, and Dutch)
  • Technical data for repairers.
  • Tools for appointment settings and online calculations of repair costs
  • Check-in/out: Real time vehicle reception tablet
  • Electronic catalogues to prepare repair calculations and estimates
  • Dealer Management system and invoicing tool
  • Communication and customer loyalty CRM
  • Fleet Management tool for maintenance operations dedicated to fleets
  • Guarantee Management Solutions: this service, dedicated to the automotive equipment suppliers, manages the validation process of parts under warranty
  • Solutions and applications for the driver

International development

eXponentia is initially due to reinforce its presence in its original markets (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands), as well as those developed more recently (Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal). It will provide current customers with a panel of complementary solutions and services, while also targeting its offering to other players in the automotive value chain, providing new services specially developed for them. Further to this, eXponentia is actively seeking opportunities in new markets, both within Europe and beyond as it aims to expand its international presence.

A new brand identity for eXponentia

Pulling together the brand’s history and the relaunch, eXponentia has adopted a new logo. More modern and dynamic, the new convention for the brand name continues featuring a capital ‘X” recognisable and distinctive sign of the brand name. With its new tagline; “Beyond Automotive”, eXponentia is positioned as a major international player in high value-added services – off or online – with a comprehensive offer, ranging from technical databases to proven solutions for process improvements and optimising human performance.

A new website is also under construction and will be operational, in several languages, by the end of September 2016. Automechanika 2016 gives the new organisation the opportunity to introduce itself to the market. eXponentia will be located at Booth A071 in Hall 2, which this year is dedicated to innovation in the automotive aftermarket.