Kwikfit takes the next step in its automotive service strategy by integrating in its systems data based on original factory maintenance information. With this integration, Kwikfit is able to generate brand-specific scheduled maintenance for the consumer, both in its branches as well as online.

Martin Post, CEO of Kwikfit: “The integration of OE maintenance data is consistent with our strategy to offer brand-specific scheduled maintenance based on factory specifications. We are now able, based on the registration and mileage of the vehicle, to indicate exactly what should be done in terms of maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer. We can now also easily create service appointments online. At the same time we can also schedule the appointment at the desired branch, with the added facility to pay directly online. This is a big step forward in the expansion of our maintenance strategy.”

Chris Kimman, director/owner of MivarGroup: “We are excited about partnering with Kwikfit. The quick and efficient set up of brand-specific maintenance schedules has become increasingly crucial. With this integration of TecRMI data, the Kwikfit branch can quickly determine what needs to be done and can thus generate a quote in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. They also have direct access to the technical information of the vehicle. Very often the driver does not know when or what must be done to his vehicle. By making the information accessible online, everything is immediately clear. This gives the consumer confidence in terms of maintenance, which is especially crucial in an online environment. With this strategy, Kwikfit creates a unique position in the market. With one of the best websites in the Netherlands, this cannot result in anything other than a great success.”

Over 100 Kwikfit sites have been selected for the integrated systems and technical information. These are affiliates that have been carrying out maintenance for quite some time and have the right equipment and knowledge.