Leasing company Mobility Service Netherlands has launched Micheck-Fleet for processing incoming MRT requests. The ten MRT suppliers that use Mobilit Service Netherlands the most are now linked to Micheck-GARAGE that enables the car company to submit requests.

This in turn enables digital authorization, which circumvents communication by telephone or email. Billing can also be done directly and digitally. According to Mivar, Micheck delivers efficiency benefits to both the automotive company as well as the leasing company. Furthermore, the car company also has access to modules with technical information for more than 52 different car brands.

Paul Harms, director of Mobilit Service Netherlands: “This tells us whether an incoming request is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.”

The Groningen leasing company was founded in 2008 by Patrick Doornbos and Gerben de Groot. Paul Harms, former CEO of Athlon Car Lease, stepped in more than six months ago as a major shareholder to become the general manager. Currently there are two thousand cars in management.