MiCheck originated from the basic idea that it should be easy to maintain vehicles professionally without the need for messy paper trails and lengthy processes in order to handle requests and authorization.

MiCheck is a unique multi-brand quotation, communication and authorization platform for automotive maintenance and repairs. MiCheck works on the basis of official and original factory data from TecRMI.

In fact MiCheck includes all regular repairs, maintenance and tire information from the moment a vehicle is put on the road and throughout its economic lifetime.

The quotation is clearly structured and distinguishes between labour values ​​and vehicle parts. This is not only a prerequisite for your own business, but also invaluable to your customers who require more and more transparency.

MiCheck-GARAGE features

Vehicle owners who work with MiCheck-FLEET can receive digital quotations immediately. MiCheck also indicates with green check marks which particular maintenance work is prescribed by the manufacturer. This means that many high-maintenance requests will be automatically and immediately approved.

And because the data in MiCheck-GARAGE is linked to ROB-Net codes, the quotation can also be translated to the ROB platform which is used by a number of leasing companies.

MiCheck is a single system for all your quotations and requests. Whether you’re a brand dealership, universal or franchise participant, or whether you are working for the private or business driver, MiCheck offers a solution for all your maintenance needs.

MiCheck is based on the European platform TecCONTROL and can be expanded with the technical information modules from TecRMI.


You can easily create your own agreements.

No paper trail

With electronic invoicing there is no more paper trail.

Multi-brand quotes

Preparing multi-branded vehicle quotes is a snap.

Plausibility check

Automated checking for duplicate work, based on factory maintenance intervals and references.


Automatic display of required components, including prices.

User Friendly

Online accessibility and always up-to-date. No manual updates needed and no outdated information.


Access to multi-brand technical information for the workshop.

The correct data

Work with up-to-date reference data that leasing companies are also currently using.

Additional modules

Expandable with tyre and vehicle replacement modules.

 Create Multi-brand quotes

Never sell ‘no’

The system shows exactly what work needs to be done and at what mileage. On that basis, MiCheck will select the maintenance option and even the leasing company where required.

 Condition Info

No surprises later on

You can easily see on what terms work may be carried out for each leasing company. You will also instantly see the discounts and surcharges applicable to hourly rates and parts.

As per work type (mechanical, body, or electronics) you can enter an hourly rate and agree a price beforehand for various things such as engine oil, brake fluid and air-conditioning coolant.

You can pre-define things such as MOT, pick-up and delivery, alignment, balancing, emission measurements, etc.

In this way you know exactly how much you can calculate, which prevents nasty surprises during or after invoicing.

 Adding extras

Work and repairs

Besides maintenance, MiCheck can also add additional work in the calculation. Common jobs for example, include replacing filters and tensioners, or repairs to the brakes or body.


No need to find or remember codes any longer

Through the intelligent pre-selection of official MRT codes, you no longer need to remember all the codes. MiCheck will display the most probable codes based on the selected service.

Thereafter the MRT overview neatly shows the quotation for the lease company or fleet owner.

 Fixed and free positions

Prepare a complete quote without being side-tracked

Fixed positions can include additions such as MOT and aircon checks that can be added to the quote.

Free positions give you the option not to participate in prescribed activities in the quote. For example, a bent tow-hitch that needs to be replaced, or a mat that is worn etc.

 Replacement vehicle

The driver is quickly back on the road

You can select from the predefined classes a replacement cars. You can also select the number of days and mileage, and even capture the registration.

 Quotations Overview

A constant overview of quotations

At a glance you can see what quotes you have prepared and for what amount. It is also immediately clear which prepared quotes have been approved or rejected by the leasing company.

 Maintenance schedule

Checklist for maintenance

Even before the car is on the ramp, there is already a completed checklist itemizing the work to be done. After completing the job, the driver can see what has been done and why. Thus the driver goes on his way with a sense of satisfaction.