You get cars in the workplace with unfamiliar technology. After all, it is impossible to know everything about every vehicle. To ensure an optimal work, you should have access to manufacturer’s information. With MiTiss you have access to exactly that lacking part of crucial information for all valid types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. MiTiss is the online information system that provides you with a wealth of data (OEM based) on all brands and types of passenger cars. Automatic creation of a spare parts package ensures that nothing is forgotten either in the calculation or the order.  MiTiss is based on data modules from TecRMI.

MiTiss features


Due to the large number of marques and OEM-based data, this program is ideal for all proprietary and universal car companies and truck workshops.


Due to the thematic and well-organized layout, this program is completely user-friendly.

OEM based

All program data is based on OEM data direct from the manufacturer, including OE job code numbers.


Information on mechanical components and their operation and replacement is described in detail in handy and clear instructions.

Multi brand

All marques are included in a single software system that makes it easier than ever to find the necessary information, saving you considerable search time.


24/7 online accessibility and always up-to-date information by means of 12 updates per annum. In this way, the latest vehicles are also available.


Due to an extremely precise and graphic manual, you have immediate access to a clear outlay of components, replacements and symptoms.


The program is provided with clearly displayed manuals with as many drawings included as possible to make it as visually clear as possible for the mechanic, showing how components should be replaced or mounted.


In the field of electronics, the program is provided with very clear circuitry diagrams, component locations, and measurement values. You are guided step by step through problem analysis.


Maintenance Information

MiTiss vehicle-specific information regarding the work to be performed. The labor values and the required spare parts as specified by the manufacturer, are immediately displayed. Data that is specific to the maintenance schedule, such as filling levels, oil specifications etc. can be quickly accessed. Important repair information and service interval resets are also included.


Labour Times

MiTiss provides access to reliable data for the calculation of the total labour value. The information is based on the specifications of the manufacturer of the specific vehicle and displays the original work item. Any overlap of combined work is corrected in the calculation by default.


Technical information

MiTiss includes a comprehensive database with setup and repair data and will aid you with regard to tightening torques, filling quantities, exhaust emission values and tune-up data. This provides you with the latest information so you can perform maintenance and repairs for all common brands.


Technical manuals

The extensive technical manuals cover various topics with detailed repair information including a large number of illustrations. The topics are clearly divided into, for example: motor, chassis, air conditioning system, body, and filter.


Tyre information

MiTiss provides information about the correct tyre and wheel data and requirements.

  • Tyre and wheel information
  • Complete information for tyre mounting
  • Perfect tool to achieve customer loyalty


Service bulletins

Although car manufacturers test their models extensively before they are released, practical use is often unpredictable. Intensive use by thousands of road users regularly bring technical problems to light. It is therefore helpful to have immediate access to the best solutions that the manufacturer has devised for that particular defect. The Service Messages module combines this information from many marques in one system.


Repair news

MiTiss displays recalls. You are quickly shown recalls and in this way can shield the client from annoying manufacturing defects. This allows you to offer your customers an even better service.

 License Plate Identification

Vehicle selection

With MiTiss you can immediately choose the right vehicle by means of the license plate number. The advantage is that you do not accidentally chose an estate instead of a sedan. So even when the brand or type of vehicle is unknown, you will quickly find the right information.


Checklist for maintenance

Even before the car is in the worksop, a checklist is prepared. After completing the work, the checklist can be handed off to the driver so he knows what has been done and why.

 Easy indicator

Maintenance schedule indicator

When a driver goes to the garage for a faulty windshield wiper or other incidental defect, you can immediately see when the next inspection should take place. This can then be either carried out at the same time or be scheduled.