Exclusive importer/distributor

Proven standardized solutions. And all from a single source. That was the idea behind the merger of TecDoc Information Systems GmbH, AuDaCon AG and TecCom GmbH on 1 July 2013 under the name TecAlliance. TecAlliance collects data, standardizes it on a cross-manufacturer basis, and distributes it. This is always done with the aim of enabling all market participants to work more efficiently while at the same time reducing costs by automating the business processes. With the network of the three lines of business being TecCom, TecDoc and TecRMI, TecAlliance has become an unbeatable alliance that has widely been considered the industry standard on multiple levels for several years.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Since 2004 we have been the exclusive importer/distributor of the technical information modules and systems of TecRMI (formerly AuDaCon) for the Benelux countries. Since the inception of this collaboration, both organizations have shared many systems and a great deal of market knowledge. Because the mobility market in Benelux is generally more developed than in many other European countries, we decided several years ago to independently offer our ‘science’ through the development of systems and services. Some of the systems developed by us are based on TecRMI data modules and/or TecRMI systems.

TecRMI integrated products


Professional maintenance and repairs

MiTiss is based on data modules from TecRMI and can be purchased as an online modular application (white label). All modules are available based on your specific modular needs. Obviously, you do not want to pay for Technical information modules that you do not use. And to make the vehicle selection for which you need specific information as simple as possible, MiTiss is equipped with a high-quality registration link. MiTiss also includes an intelligent maintenance interval indicator to quickly see when the next scheduled maintenance should take place. 

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Quotes, communication, and authorization platform for MRT (maintenance, repair and tires) management. 

MiCheck is based on the TecCONTROL functionalities of TecRMI. MiCheck is the communication and authorization platform between vehicle owner and supplier.

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Transparency and control over cost of ownership 

MiCosts is based on the TecCOO functionalities of TecRMI. MiCosts sets the standard for the calculation of the operating costs for vehicles based on duration and mileage. It makes it possible to compare the calculated results of different model ranges and car manufacturers.

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Web services

In addition to our applications, the TecRMI data modules are also available in the form of Web services.

With our Web services, you are able to incorporate the technical information modules into your own web applications.

Through the sophisticated database structure and applied techniques, complex integrations are really quite simple. Inquire about the possibilities.

TecRMI modules
Easy to integrate into your own application


Maintenance Information

The maintenance information module supports vehicle-specific information regarding the work to be performed. The labor values and the required spare parts as specified by the manufacturer, are immediately displayed. Data that is specific to the maintenance schedule, such as filling levels, oil specifications etc. can be quickly accessed. Important repair information and service interval resets are also included.


Labour Times

The Labour Values module provides access to reliable data for the calculation of the total labour value. The information is based on the specifications of the manufacturer of the specific vehicle and displays the original work item. Any overlap of combined work is corrected in the calculation by default.


Technical information

The Technical information module includes a comprehensive database with setup and repair data and will aid you with regard to tightening torques, filling quantities, exhaust emission values and tune-up data. This provides you with the latest information so you can perform maintenance and repairs for all common brands.


Technical manuals

The Technical manuals module covers various topics with detailed repair information including a large number of illustrations. The topics are clearly divided into, for example: motor, chassis, air conditioning system, body, and filter.


Tyre info

The Tyre info module provides information about the correct tyre and wheel data and requirements.

  • Tyre and wheel information
  • Complete information for tyre mounting
  • Perfect tool to achieve customer loyalty


Service bulletins

Although car manufacturers test their models extensively before they are released, practical use is often unpredictable. Intensive use by thousands of road users regularly bring technical problems to light. It is therefore helpful to have immediate access to the best solutions that the manufacturer has devised for that particular defect. The Service Messages module combines this information from many marques in one system.


Vehicle selection

With this module you can immediately choose the right vehicle by means of the chassis number. The advantage is that you do not accidentally chose an estate instead of a sedan. So even when the brand or type of vehicle is unknown, you will quickly find the right information.


Repair news

This module instantly displays recalls. You are quickly shown recalls and in this way can shield the client from annoying manufacturing defects. This allows you to offer your customers an even better service.


Graphic image

This module provides a clear graphical representation of the vehicle. No more searching long lists of major groups, now with one click on the image you can instantly access the appropriate component.


Component locations

With the aid of a graphical presentation, these modules provide not only the circuit diagrams for individual components, but also their locations and values, as well as the fuses and relays for their power supplies. This eliminates a time-consuming search for components within the actual vehicle.


Diagnostic values

After locating the sensors or actuators, this module provides all the values for diagnosis. The values include the measuring points, the expected values and the measurement conditions. Instead of a standardized representation of plugs and holders, the image shows the actual items with the pin numbers of the connections. Components can quickly and accurately be tested for their electric functions.


Wiring diagrams

With this module, you always have the correct diagrams at hand. You can quickly find the appropriate circuitry relating to engine management, heating/air conditioning and brake systems.


Comfort system diagrams

The module TecCOMFORTCIRCUITDIAGRAMS contains electrical diagrams that are indispensable for establishing a diagnosis for a vehicle. All systems are integrated, except for motor management, ABS-, and airco systems. Diagrams included are, amongst others: CANBus-systems, Electrical door control, Electrical door operation, Tilting or sliding roof, Electrical rear-view mirrors, Window wipers and washing system, Speed control, Heating for windows and mirrors, Central electronics, Power steering, Power supply circuitry, Mass distribution, Illumination on the in- and outside, Media systems, Navigation, and Radio.