Application training

To apply your equipment succesfully, we will demonstrate its proper usage and the possibilities of your equipment.

To ensure a maximum return on your diagnostic equipment, the training is tailored to the specific equipment used in your garage.

Everry traing contains the following aspects:

  • What are the possibilities of your equipment;
  • What service is offered at our desk;
  • How should the equipment be connected;
  • What to do when the equipment is not working properly;
  • Tips & Tricks; examples of frequent problems taken from practice.

Refresh training

Developments go at a great pace. We therefore provide regular training on vehicle diagnoses. This training keeps you up-to-date.

MivarGroup organises practise-based training in a special equiped space. This ensures that the training is based on cases related to your business and tailored towards your specific needs.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made training.